The Ben Hogan Collection

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Productinformatie "The Ben Hogan Collection"
3 DVDs and 1 CD of golf legend Ben Hogan featuring newly discovered film footage. Intensive golf instruction on 2 DVDs featuring Jim McLean providing the most indepth analysis of Mr. Hogan's golf swing fundamentals to date. Ben Hogan's Gold Standard golf swing is presented in multiple views, speeds, and using different clubs. McLean provides analysis of Mr. Hogan's X-Factor, Y-Factor, and his 'Secret'. Truly a virtual '5 Lessons'. The instructional DVDs and Hogan's demonstrations will be viewed repeatedly by golfers of all ages and an ability who wish to improve their games. An irrisistable swing improvement tool and a wonderful gift for any golfer. The 'Legacy' DVD includes new and personal stories from family, friends, and other professionals including Jack Nicklaus, Bob Toski, Dow Finsterwald, Jimmy Ballard, Ken Venturi, Dan Jenkins, Butch Harmon amoung others. The life lessons learned from this true American Hero are jewels of knowledge for young people today and timeless in their relevance. Also, included is 'The Swing Interactive' Software on CD that allows the user to put several views of Mr. Hogan swinging the club at user controlled speed including frame by frame. Featured is a mesmerizing slow motion speed that allows the user to view, absorb, and understand what Mr. Hogan did in his swing. DVD 1 - The Ben Hogan Legacy Features insights, anecdotes and never before heard stories about Ben from his family and friends, including interviews with Jack Nicklaus, Ken Venturi, Butch Harmon and more. Approximately 67 Minutes DVD 2 - The Swing Revealed 1 Features in-depth analysis of Ben Hogan's swing by Jim McLean, including Hogan's X and Y Factor. Plus we revisit "The Secret". Here you will be able to absorb and copy the fundamentals demonstrated by Ben Hogan to improve your game. Approximately 90 Minutes DVD 3 - The Swing Revealed 2 On this DVD, Jim McLean breaks down and reviews 12 golf swings that have never been analyzed before. You’ll see the phenomenal lag Hogan produced, how he flattened his hands at the top of the swing, and how he was able to generate so much speed through the impact zone. Truly one of the most magical swings in the history of golf. Approximately 51:30 Minutes CD - The Swing Interactive This CD features SportsPlayer™ technology, which allows you to control the speed of several Ben Hogan swings on your own computer.

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