The Cosmic Laws of Golf

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Productinformatie "The Cosmic Laws of Golf"
Printer Bowler studies these laws in depth in his book, The Cosmic Laws of Golf. As Bowler began to observe life through the lens of these laws, he could see how their use or abuse determines the relationships we have with ideas, each other, and all the games we play. Outside the law, golf becomes a renegade that steals our dreams and buries them in the wilderness of anxiety. Within the law, it's a fascinating course that can lead to self-realization - as it turns us inside out, it reveals what we really believe about ourselves and shows us where we need to make peace in our world. Bowler proposes for your consideration and discovery some proven and useful answers on how to apply the fruits of Self-discovery to the playing fields of golf. He shares, "the journey to self-mastery is mysterious, rampant with the hazards and bunkers of our own demons - a thrilling challenge to the sincere seeker, a confounding maze of obstacles and torment for the idly curious... Trust that you are creating your experiences - as a way your soul has chosen to teach you about your choices and beliefs. If you aren't getting the results you expect, take a gut-check to see if you truly want it because: You always get what you accept and believe you are." Bowler states, "If you really want to get better, accept your present golf game for what it is here and now, then consider what you want to do about it and make a serious commitment, stop reacting and start creating the game you're dreaming about." He advises that, "all we need to do is trust the quiet, powerful voice of our own heart over all others. And be willing to act it out without doubt or hesitation. This willingness triggers an immense array of abilities that have been waiting ages for the call - that is, trust and believe in oneself - to come forth."
Auteur: Printer Bowler
Aantal pagina's 152
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ISBN: 9780425178300

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